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Tax Planning

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Tax Planning Service in Las Vegas

Set Yourself For Success with Professional Tax Services

You can spend weeks planning and preparing your tax files and still be left wondering if everything has been done correctly. Missed savings opportunities, overlooked IRS regulations, and inaccurate calculations can all lead to profit losses and unfortunate penalties.   

With the help of Katherine Lei, CPA, PLLC you can take the guesswork out of your tax obligations. Our dedicated team loves helping clients reach their fullest potential for success by relieving them of the painstaking process of tax planning and preparation and by offering our experienced insights.

Good tax planning pays attention to small details while never losing sight of the big picture. Tax credits like childcare, college expenses, retirements savings, and eco-friendly purchases can add up to significant savings, and we diligently take these into account. 

We look for deductions that include healthcare expenses, state and local taxes, mortgage interest, and job expenses to add to your savings, so you have more money to pursue new opportunities and invest in future growth.

Protect Your Wealth and Assets

Katherine Lei, CPA, PLLC helps you set up an automated system customized to your industry and personal needs. We keep your business IRS compliant while making sure you reap the benefits of the tax breaks entitled to you.

Here are just some ways how our services can help you:   

  • Defer taxable income with retirement contributions
  • Write-off donations made to charities
  • Deduct business expenses  
  • Choose an advantageous business structure
  • Give tax-free gifts to family members  

Whether at home or Abroad, Plan a Secure Future

With an organized year-round tax system in place, come April, you can rest assured that your forms are in optimal shape to save every penny entitled to you. We also help multinational companies access US markets with strategies that fulfill tax obligations while legally minimizing liabilities. We have extensive resources to protect your assets from expatriate tax bills, so you have the authority to determine how your money is best spent.

Personalized and Friendly Tax Planning Service

Schedule a consultation with Katherine Lei, CPA, PLLC in Las Vegas. Our friendly and personable team can develop a plan uniquely suited to your enterprise, so you meet your IRS obligations while soaring to higher levels of success.

If you'd like to receive more information about our Tax Planning Service, please complete this form.

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