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Katherine Lei, CPA, PLLC

Foreign Investment Services

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International Services for Foreign Investors

Taxing authorities have increased their focus and scrutiny on International businesses. There is a multitude of IRS and international forms that must be filed accurately for compliance and to avoid paying hefty penalties.

Katherine Lei, CPA, PLLC can help you structure your foreign transactions, so they are completed in the most tax-efficient manner possible. Katherine Lei, CPA, has worked extensively with international businesses, including those from China, Mexico, and Canada. She and her dedicated team can help manage your investments, whether doing business overseas or in the United States.

Expert advice is crucial when moving or expanding a business into or out of the United States. Our tax advice to foreign investors is designed to maximize your wealth while aggressively protecting your assets. Here are a few of the international services we provide:

Individual Taxpayer Identification or ITIN Number: Taxpayers, their spouses, and dependents who are not eligible for social security numbers can obtain an ITIN number to:

  • File an Income Tax Return
  • Complete a FIRPTA withholding-certificate
  • Create an LLC in the USA
  • Own a Business
  • Establish Credit
  • Open a Bank Account
  • Own Real Estate

An ITIN is an identification number for filing federal taxes, allowing you to receive a refund from your IRS withholdings and tax credits for claimed dependents. The IRS does not share ITIN information with the U.S. Bureau of Immigration or ICE.

Expatriate Taxes:  Leaving the United States does not relieve you of your tax obligations. Americans are taxed both by their host country and the U.S., but we have extensive resources to minimize social security, payroll, and other tax bills, as well as limit corporate exposure to taxation in host countries.

International Tax: While considering tax issues here and abroad, our team can determine which structure best suits your business. Without the help of an international tax accountant, an accurate overview of your tax liability can be very difficult to determine. We make sure you are not overpaying nor ignoring mandatory regulations.

Foreign Bank Account Reporting or FBAR Compliance: U.S. taxpayers that have signature authority or ownership of foreign accounts such as bank accounts, brokerage accounts, or mutual funds may be required to provide annual reports to the Treasury Department. The Bank Secrecy Act requires the reporting of accounts that exceed certain thresholds. Katherine Lei, CPA, PLLC can keep your accounts compliant domestically and overseas.

Customer Care and Quality Accounting Service

We have the international experience to help you fulfill your IRS, state, and international obligations while taking advantage of your legal rights to run a successful enterprise.

Give us a call to schedule a consultation. We are passionate about providing quality accounting services and outstanding customer care.